Starting from the customer’s idea, our technical department is able to develop both 2D and 3D models of the mould to address the detailed design of the mould, and so produce the 3D model of the finished mould.

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Why them and not others? This is the question every client should ask at the moment of entrusting a job to a supplier. And this rule also applies in the field of moulds for plastic materials.


How can you determine the quality of our work? With what metrics is it measurable? What guarantees can we offer to those who decide to assign part of their production, and therefore their investments, to our company?


These are legitimate questions. To which we have given certain answers. We have elaborated them after many years of activity, working hand in hand with the client. And we have summarised them in a series of standards, which represents for us a milestone in our production activity. Five rules that characterise our way of producing, of conceiving the company, of generating development.


Our work is above all empirical. It is grounded on what we have been able to build over the years. On the many successes. On the mistakes that have allowed us to grow. On the professional harmony between people with extensive experience in the sector who have worked and managed industrial processes for plastic moulds for years.


We don't just take jobs. We build a project with our client. One that meets his production needs, that is able to make the most of them, that brings added value, that saves time, money and maintenance costs. We are your strategic partners. You can trust us.


A term that we apply to each of our production stages. Quality in the choice of materials (all certified) with which we design your mould to withstand stress, heat and wear. Quality in the method of production which involves a very high level of precision and strength. Quality also in following you step by step. Taking you to the centre of our production, sharing every effort to give you the best on the market.

Support. Always

It is the adverb that makes the difference. Support in understanding the feasibility of the project, suggesting corrections, changes, economies of scale and, therefore, savings. We put all our experience in the field of plastic moulds on the plate. And then we don't leave you alone once the product is delivered. Our after-sales department will support you through any problem, coming directly to your company to offer suggestions and solutions.


Many people often find it difficult to understand how important this is for a company. It gives competitive advantages, usable added value, production certainties. From the prototyping phase, to the output of the final product, passing through the testing phase, we guarantee you the security of obtaining a quality product in a time frame that is in line with your business project. Your business is important to us.