Starting from the customer’s idea, our technical department is able to develop both 2D and 3D models of the mould to address the detailed design of the mould, and so produce the 3D model of the finished mould.

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Innovation and sustainability

Technology has accompanied the growth of SMP – Plastic Materials Moulds over the years.


Our company has projected itself into the evolutionary process of industry 4.0. In this development we have integrated innovation and sustainability in the field of plastic moulds. This has only been possible thanks to technological investments.


We have concentrated our efforts on the acquisition of CNC (computer numerical control) precision machines, on wire EDM (EDM CUT), and on continuous control systems for the production process. Thanks to the latest generation of software systems we have reduced the use of paper to a minimum.

Company structure

One of the strengths of our business is our company structure which gives us complete control of the production process.


Our company is structured, based on two areas: a technical department, where the design is developed, and a production department, the equivalent of a precision mechanical workshop.


Our mechanical workshop is equipped with CAM programming systems for CNC machines, 3 and 5 axis CNC machine tools, die-sinking and wire EDM, CNC lathe and grinding, as well as with areas for assembly and quality control.

Skills and training

Technology is also the ability to read and understand evolution.

This is why we believe that training is just as important in our sector. In order to keep up with progress as it occurs and to  provide the customer with an ever better product.


We believe in the younger generation and its capabilities. We have been collaborating for years with schools in the area, focusing on the development of students’ personal and interpersonal skills. The average age of our company is under thirty-five. We allow our minds to be always open to new technologies.


By taking advantage of this opportunity, SMP – Plastic Materials Moulds has the opportunity to follow the progress of the young people who become part of our reality, creating accomplished professionals used to constantly putting themselves to the test with new proposals reaching towards further perspectives.


Thanks to our cooperation with the University of Perugia, established in recent years, these foundations have been consolidated, and also contributed to the development of the single-seater for the Formula SAE through the creation of specific details.